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Mirrors with integrated LED lighting


A mirror with integrated LED lighting is an element of a today's modern interior. You can overview our offered mirrors with LED lighting for your bathroom (and other areas of the home) HERE. You can freely choose the dimensions and shape of the mirror (rectangular, round, oval, etc.) - all healthy fantasies are possible. The LED-illuminated mirrors produced by Audma IĮ are available with both warmer-colored 3000K (yellowish) LED lighting and 4000K (warm white daylight with minimal yellowing, but no bluish) color integrated LED lighting.


The debate is the LED lighting a rational solution for your home seems already to be resolved in favor of LED lighting. LED lighting has proven its rationality, economy and aesthetic advantages, but it has also become fashionable and, as you know, it is better not to argue with fashion.

History and distinctive features of LED technology

LED - it's light-emitting semiconductors. The previously observed property of some semiconductors to produce luminescence was practically applied only in 1962. Different types of semiconductor materials have been discovered that can emit light of different colors. It took the longest time to discover the blue-glow semiconductor, which is necessary for the creation of daylight LEDs. This was a breakthrough in the entire LED industry.

One of the special features of LED is that it does not emit infrared spectrum (thermal) and ultraviolet spectrum. Limiting the emission of the visible spectrum only, the LED works very economically and does not heat up.

Another great feature of LEDs is their insanely long service life, reaching as much as 50,000 hours. True, this is not even the limit when the LED goes out - it is only the time for its luminous flux to degrade to 70% of its former original luminous flux.

One of the more interesting features of LED, unlike incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, is that the colder the environment, the brighter the LED device will shine. It is quite difficult to use this feature if you care about the lighting of your bathroom and not the freezer compartment, but don't be surprised if in winter, when the heating of the premises fails, your mirror with LED lighting will shine brighter...

LED light color

What color light to choose for your bathroom mirror with LED lighting? There are many criteria for selection. The most important one is subjective - you don't need the mirror to emit a rational light that you don't like. Or do you want to? That's how I knew - no. Another criterion for less irrational people is very rational: if you are a theater actress, you will have to choose makeup suitable for theater lighting, so the makeup mirror should emit a warmer light - 3000K. If you are going for a walk around the city, the 4000K whiter (daylight color) light emitted by the mirror with LED lighting will be more friendly to your makeup needs.

What is the 3000K or 4000K? It is a invented and completely objective scale for describing the color of emitted light. "K" means a temperature in Kelvin degrees. However, you don't have to imagine that the LED element of your mirror with LED lighting heats up to a temperature of 3000K! This is the relative temperature up to which an absolutely black body emits light of exactly that color when heated. You may have noticed that the tip of a cigarette glows red, the light of a candle is yellow, and the light emitted by a welding arc is blue. This is because the temperature of the tip of a burning cigarette is much lower than the light of a candle or a burning welding arc. As with the light spectrum, the lower the Kelvin light index of an LED, the closer the color and light is to the red edge of the spectrum. The higher the LED light index in Kelvin, the bluer the color of the light.

Shortly, in the mirrors with LED lighting we offer the 3000K LED element emits a warmer (yellower) color, more friendly to the makeup of a theater actress, while the 4000K element will emit a whiter (but without any bluish) light, more suitable for daytime makeup.

Design of the mirror with integrated LED lighting

Audma IĮ invites you to create the interior together: choose the dimensions, shape, lighting parameters of the mirror with LED lighting and entrust the task to our professionals. The result will please you for many years.

A mirror with LED lighting in your bathroom

A mirror is one of the most important interior details. A modern person spends most of his time looking at the screen (of his mobile device, computer monitor or TV screen). In second place, thanks to the beautiful half of humanity spending hours on it, is the mirror. The truth is, and you can't deny it, that we even look into the eyes of our lover less often than we look at our own image in the mirror. The need to look at ourself in the mirror is connected not only with the desire to present ourself to others in a high quality way (equal to the fear of presenting ourself poorly), but also with the innate human concern for one's health. In the bathroom mirror we notice a sudden rash, we ask the mirror why my eyes are swollen or, unfortunately, the hair on the top of my head has thinned out?

Conclusion is: the more you can see yourself in the bathroom mirror, the easier it is for you to take care of your health. Maybe that's why, if the bathroom is spacious enough, a mirror in the bathroom is more popular than a mirror cabinet with doors. The thing is that the mirror of the hanging cabinet will be divided into smaller mirrors of separate doors, and you (if you don't want it to be "splitted") will have to fit in one of the doors. In order not to interfere with bending over the sink while washing, the mirror cabinet will be raised significantly above the sink. You can lower the bathroom mirror almost all the way to the washbasin, so you can see much more of yourself reflection. However, as I have already mentioned, a mirror in the bathroom is chosen by those for whom the available room space allows the installation of a utility bathroom cabinet with shelves, doors and drawers next to the washbasin, and a cabinet with drawers under the washbasin...

Bathroom mirrors with LED lighting are particularly popular. There are two options here. The first is an LED lamp hanging above a simple mirror. However, the intense LED light emanating from above is not very convenient for makeup due to the shadows formed under the eyebrows, nose and chin. A more convenient version of the bathroom mirror with LED lighting integrated in the mirror, which shines directly on the face.

Technical characteristics of the mirror with integrated LED lighting

BATHROOM MIRRORS offered by Audma IĮ are manufactured with such integrated LED lighting. In production, we use high-brightness 12,5W/m LED tape with SAMSUNG luminous LED elements (120 elements per meter). The manufacturer of these LED tapes guarantees that the tape will light up without failure for at least 72 months. The touch-controlled illuminated sensor switch installed in the mirror allows not only to turn on/off the mirror lighting with a simple touch, but has also a "dimming" option" - allows to adjust the intensity of the light emitted by the LED. Currently in bathroom mirrors we offer to choose 4000'K warm white (without bluish) integrated LED lighting or a warmer yellowish 3000'K light option.

We manufacture bathroom mirrors in any dimensions chosen by customers. On our website you can choose the version of the dimensions of the standard step, but if you are interested in other dimensions - contact us by e-mail at and we will approve you project with the specific dimensions.

The bathroom mirror is equipped with a wall-mounting system - all you have to do is to drill two 6mm diameter holes in the wall to screw in the hanging fittings.

You need to connect the mirror with integrated LED lighting to the usual 230V/50Hz home electrical network - no additional voltage modulation devices are required. Since this bathroom mirror model has an integrated touch-controlled sensor switch, it isn't necessary to install an additional external switch to control the lighting of the mirror. The sensor field of the mirror shines itself with a pleasant blue light, so if you need to turn on the mirror in complete darkness, you will do it very easily by finding something proper to touch.

For an extra price we offer the Lumina LX version of the mirror with a polished 10mm wide bevel around the perimeter - or a version with a heating mat (protects against fogging).

Ecology and LED technologies

LED technology is currently the most advanced and environmentally friendly lighting technology. No environmentally harmful gases or other substances are used in the production of LED elements. In point of view of energy consumption LED lighting consumes up to 10 times less electricity than traditional incandescent lighting, which allows the user to save and lets the Planet to breathe. Lumina LX mirrors from our AUDMA brand are environmentally friendly. No animals or plants were harmed during the production and testing of these bathroom mirrors. Audma IĮ guarantees that reality will be reflected realistically in the mirror we make, however, we cannot guarantee what you will see in the mirror... :))

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